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  • Your Guide To Terminating Employees

    White Papers // Aug 2005 // provided by Entrepreneur Media

    Terminating an employee is often a painful process, both for the boss and the person being fired. Generally speaking, giving and receiving negative messages is an uncomfortable experience. People who have to deliver the message often hesitate to do so because they don't want to be the bearer of bad ...

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  • Using Site Stats to Measure Your Success

    White Papers // Apr 2003 // provided by Entrepreneur Media

    One thing all successful businesses have in common is that they test everything and assume nothing. This is especially true for online businesses. But in order to test, one have to be able to measure results. The good news is, for e-businesses, tracking results is a snap. But there's a ...

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  • Toon Up

    White Papers // Oct 2001 // provided by Entrepreneur Media

    Motivated by research showing that soft-drink slurping is a contributing factor in many instances of childhood obesity, one enterprising dairy company has figured out a "Wile E." way to market its milk drinks by appealing to the kids' sweet tooth. Helping out with the before, during and after this era ...

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