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  • Is Your Cloud Ready For GDPR?

    White Papers · Jan 2018 · Provided By EveryCloud

    GDPR will cause huge upheaval for any organisation gathering and processing personal data. But one of the biggest risks to normal operations is likely to come from the ever-expanding use of cloud applications. This guide will help you and your company understand exactly what each of...

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  • Be Cloud Confident: a New Approach to Cloud Access and Security

    White Papers · Sep 2017 · Provided By EveryCloud

    The cloud can be a dangerous place for your data and devices. Especially when you’re not sure who’s using what, where. Or when. EveryCloud’s Cloud Risk Assessment provides a 360 view of your business’s cloud presence across both sanctioned and unsanctioned applications. We’ll reveal threats to your...

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  • So what is GDPR?

    White Papers · Jul 2017 · Provided By EveryCloud

    GDPR is the EU's response to the privacy debate. Its stated objective is to give control of personal data back to the person. The data you collect on customers and prospects is no longer yours. It's theirs. And it's your responsibility to make sure it's properly protected. The EU’s General...

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