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  • IDC Names FireEye a Leader in Asia Pacific

    White Papers · Aug 2018 · Provided By FireEye

    Using the IDC MarketScape model, IDC studied 17 organizations in 2017–2018 that offer threat lifecycle services in Asia/Pacific; of the participating companies, most already deliver services worldwide. Through in-depth interviews with the threat lifecycle security services providers and their customers, IDC named FireEye a leader in Asia Pacific Threat...

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  • Simplifying Security Operations

    White Papers · Aug 2018 · Provided By FireEye

    In an environment where new threats appear almost daily, many companies are making the smart choice to invest more money and effort into improving their security posture. If an organization — big or small — has what attackers are after, whether it’s information, money or simply disruption, sooner or later...

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  • Breach Readiness Webinar: Next Generation of Incident Preparedness

    Webcasts · Nov 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    Are you ready to handle a security breach? Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, will discuss what companies need to do to be breach-ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost. Incident preparedness is more than...

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  • M-Trends 2016 – Asia Pacific Edition

    White Papers · Nov 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    We don’t hear much about cyber breaches in Asia Pacific (APAC), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening every day. In fact, evidence reveals that APAC organizations often have difficulty identifying and responding to breaches. This latest M-Trends report focuses exclusively on APAC organizations and details the...

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  • The Business case for Protecting Against Advanced Attacks

    White Papers · Aug 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    Given today’s sophisticated threat landscape - and how difficult it is to prevent, investigate, and remediate targeted attacks - advanced security solutions should be viewed as a strategic business investment, with a typical payback period between one and two years. Your executives need to know the challenges you face and...

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  • Red Team Operations

    White Papers · May 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    Learn in this data sheet how Mandiant’s Red Team Operations proactively identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities that can lead to critical data loss. Learn how to know whether your critical data is at risk and how easily it may be obtained by a malicious actor, and test your security...

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  • The Rise of Red Team Operations

    Webcasts · May 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    How strong is your cyber security? Join Chris Truncer, Senior Consultant at Mandiant, a FireEye company, as he provides an introduction to Mandiant Red Team Operations. Learn how Mandiant can achieve a realistic assessment of the effectiveness of your cyber security by emulating the attacker tools, tactics and practices used...

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  • M-Trends 2016

    White Papers · Apr 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    The M-Trends 2016 report provides trends, statistics and case studies to illustrate how advanced threat actors have evolved over the past year. The 2016 report includes details of: How cyber attackers are holding data for ransom, stealing personally identifiable information and destroying critical systems Why enterprise networking devices, such...

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  • Webinar: A View from the front lines with M-Trends 2016

    White Papers · Apr 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    M-Trends is the annual cyber security report created by Mandiant Services, a FireEye company. You are invited to a webinar, where Marshall Heilman, VP and Executive Director of Incident Response and Red Team Operations will take you through the 2016 report and provide insights from advanced attack investigations including trends,...

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  • The Uncomfortable Cyber Security Tradeoff

    White Papers · Mar 2016 · Provided By FireEye

    Recent high-profile security breaches, underscore how destructive a breach can be to an organization's reputation and financial stability. Many of these headline-grabbing targeted attacks are based on monetary profit, political gain, or data theft, and are a result of an active, persistent pursuit with the...

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