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  • Fighting today’s Advanced Attacks

    White Papers · Jul 2015 · Provided By FORTINET

    Constructing a network security defense ad hoc, that is one product at a time as the need presents itself creates weak links in the overall strategy, weak links that can easily be broken. With multiple attack vectors and malware constantly increasing in volume and sophistication, what is needed is a...

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  • Why you need Sandboxing

    White Papers · Feb 2015 · Provided By FORTINET

    Organizations breached by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are all over the news and sandboxing is the latest hot thing being touted to protect you from APTs. Why? Why sandboxing? What does a sandbox solution give you that you don’t already get from your existing layers of security? This short Solution...

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  • NSS Labs Next Generation Firewall Comparative Analysis Report

    White Papers · Feb 2015 · Provided By FORTINET

    Are you evaluating Next Generation Firewalls for your latest security refresh? The NSS Labs 2014 NGFW Comparative Security Value Map show how Next Generation Firewalls from different vendors compare to each other in independent real-world tests. This independent 3rd party test lab performs annual comparative testing and analysis to...

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