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  • TechRepublic's ultimate guide to enterprise wireless LAN security

    Downloads // Jan 2007 // provided by George Ou

    Enterprise wireless LAN security is a persistent concern for every system administrator and CIO. Threats from both within and without the enterprise threaten your data each and every day. This download gives you the basic foundation you need to secure your enterprise wireless connections by detailing security protocols such ...

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  • Use this workbook to rapidly configure IPSec tunnels on Cisco IOS devices

    Downloads // Oct 2006 // provided by George Ou

    As we discuss in the companion article, "Configuring IPSec VPN on Cisco IOS," site-to-site VPN tunnels offer a cheaper and often faster alternative to frame relay or even MPLS WAN connections. This Excel workbook is designed to make it easy for you to generate an IPSec configuration that you ...

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  • IP subnetting made easy

    Downloads // Jun 2006 // provided by George Ou

    IP subnetting is a fundamental subject that's critical for any IP network engineer to understand, yet students have traditionally had a difficult time grasping it. After years of watching confused students struggle through school and in practice when dealing with subnetting, TechRepublic's George Ou created a simple, graphical approach that ...

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