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  • Navigating the New Identity Ecosystem: 3 Hurdles Facing Modern IT Professionals

    White Papers · Apr 2014 · Provided By Gigya Inc.

    Consumer identity data is becoming increasingly unmanageable with the growth of big data and mobile, social and digital channels. Modern businesses need a better way to solve today’s identity and access management (IAM) problems that removes service maintenance and reliability burdens from IT’s shoulders. Take an in-depth look at 3...

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  • Marketing in a World Without Cookies

    White Papers · Apr 2014 · Provided By Gigya Inc.

    Modern marketers need a new way to connect closer with consumers by establishing the trust and understanding necessary to reach them with the right messages on the right channels at the right times - right away. This guide outlines three ways that permission-based marketing is overtaking traditional third-party cookies and...

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  • Ways Anonymity Hurts Business and Consumers

    White Papers · Apr 2014 · Provided By Gigya Inc.

    Traditionally, the notion of online identity is that it must be protected and safeguarded by the individual it belongs to. As users’ Internet habits evolve, however, we’re seeing a greater shift in online sharing: consumers are posting personal photographs, life event updates, and more across their social channels. This...

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