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  • Research: Google Apps for Business ranked #1 by Radicati

    White Papers // Feb 2014 // provided by Google

    The Radicati Group has done some homework for companies choosing a cloud business email provider. In a report entitled "Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2013", the firm ranks Google Apps for Business ahead of all other players. A summary of Radicati's findings can be downloaded here.

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  • Quadmark: A case study on switching to Google Apps

    Case Studies // Feb 2014 // provided by Google

    Read how Quadmark, the global consulting and training organisation, with over 100 employees globally embarked on a rebranding and expansion plan including a streamline of IT infrastructure. This included switching it’s email server from Exchange to Gmail and adopting Google Apps.

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  • Google Apps for Business: Simple, Proven, Transformative

    White Papers // Feb 2014 // provided by Google

    1-page overview of the benefits provided by Google Apps for Business. How Google Apps for Business helps users work better together while bringing you the benefits of pure cloud. Learn why 5 million businesses have gone to Google Apps for Business to lower costs and liberate IT.

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  • Google Apps - The leader in Cloud Business Email

    White Papers // Jan 2014 // provided by Google

    According to a report by The Radicati Group, 27% of the world’s business inboxes now live in the cloud. This whitepaper takes a detailed look into cloud business email and addresses reasons why The Radicati Group has positioned Google as one of the leaders of the pack. Read more.

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  • Google Hangout Webinar On Demand

    Webcasts // Nov 2013 // provided by Google

    Watch the recording as Google experts outline strategies for coping with the impending product retirements. Along with tips for staying as secure as possible in the short term, we discussed how Google’s cloud-based solutions offer future-proof alternatives to the endless cycle of upgrades and migrations. If your company may find ...

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  • Google Enterprise: Join us for a Hangout On Air:

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by Google

    Register and Join us at our Google office for our live webinar on the 13th November 2013. Businesses around the world will stop receiving support and updates when Exchange 2003 retires. If your company relies on Exchange 2003, you may be concerned about security, upgrade costs and email downtime. Adding ...

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  • [eBook] The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing

    Ebooks // Jul 2013 // provided by Google

    Potential customers are readily turning to their personal networks and publicly available information - increasingly via digital and social media channels - to self-diagnose their problems and form opinions about solutions. To understand the scope of this issue in the B2B context, the CEB Marketing Leadership Council surveyed more than ...

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  • The optimal budget allocation of TV vs. YouTube

    Presentations // Jul 2013 // provided by Google

    This presentation shares key findings of a meta analysis of 80 TV campaigns in Germany. Learn how, on average, shifting part of TV budget to YouTube saves 7.4% of total campaign costs at stable reach.

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  • Cutting Complexity, Adding Value - Efficiency and Effectiveness in Digital Advertising

    White Papers // Jul 2013 // provided by Google

    Growing operational complexity has led to proliferating inefficiencies in digital advertising, affecting the ability of agencies and advertisers in spending more time on value-creating activities. To gain an understanding of the potential for improving the efficiency of digital advertising, The Boston Consulting Group undertook a study using lean methodology ...

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  • Solving the BYOD puzzle with Google Apps

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by Google

    Look around your office and the trend is clear. People want to use their own mobile devices for work (in a Forrester survey, 53% of employees say they are already doing so). More and more IT Departments are investigating and actively pursuing so-called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies - ...

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