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  • Mediation, Arbitration, What?s the Difference?

    White Papers // Oct 2002 // provided by HR Web Centre

    Many observers recommend that arbitration agreements include a good mediation system to ensure their effectiveness. Both mediation and arbitration fall into the general category of alternative dispute resolution, but what?s the difference between the two, really? Read the article to know the difference between Mediation and Arbitration.

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  • Simple Steps to Hiring A Third-Party Administrator

    White Papers // Sep 2002 // provided by HR Web Centre

    When you?re hiring a third-party administrator (TPA) to help you run a self-funded benefits program, you can put your trust in one of two areas: your luck or your system. Here?s a tip: as you stroke the rabbit?s foot in your top left drawer, remember?it didn?t bring good luck to ...

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  • Keep Your Employees Today for Higher Profits Tomorrow

    White Papers // Dec 2001 // provided by HR Web Centre

    The way for any organization to beat this "traditional" employment cycle, especially in an economy that may well in this decade experience several seesaw periods of growth and contraction, is to adopt synergistic innovation as its model for continuous expansion despite short-term economic declines. Most corporate leaders know that productivity ...

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  • Repeated Drug Use and Termination

    White Papers // Feb 2001 // provided by HR Web Centre

    Under OTETA, " The greatest efforts must be expended to eliminate the ... use of illegal drugs, whether on or off duty, by those individuals who are involved in [certain safety-sensitive positions, including] the operation of... trucks." The Act requires the Secretary of Transportation to establish regulations requiring testing of ...

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