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  • Hughes Utility Solutions for Large Enterprise

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by Hughes

    An intelligent grid requires a smart backbone made up of a strong communications network infrastructure. Indeed, the requirements of the communications network are inextricably tied to those of the smart grid itself, encompassing issues such as scalable bandwidth, robust security, high network reliability and availability, and cost - effectiveness. The ...

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  • Enterprise VPNs: Choose Performance, Reliability, and Low Cost

    White Papers // Apr 2009 // provided by Hughes

    IT executives are always asked to provide more with less, particularly in this challenging economic environment. There is constant pressure to deliver business applications with higher performance (speed and reliability) at a lower cost. For the distributed enterprise, there have typically been two choices for Wide-Area Network (WAN) Virtual Private ...

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  • Hughes Managed WAN Services: IP VPN for the Distributed Enterprise

    White Papers // Jul 2008 // provided by Hughes

    Hughes Network Systems (Hughes), long known as a satellite services provider, has refocused its strategy in recent years to delivering a full portfolio of managed network services for enterprise customers. Hughes leverages its long history of provided managed private network services, currently serving about 120,000 locations in North America, ranging ...

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