• Ebook: Essential Elements of a Modern B2B Architecture

    Ebooks · Apr 2019 · Provided By IBM

    Regardless of industry, business-to-business (B2B) integration is vital to the operation of most companies.Best-in-class companies recognise the value of B2B integration and even view it as a competitive differentiator. To modernise your B2B infrastructure and support future business growth, you need a strategy. The following ebook highlights the essential B2B...

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  • Software-Defined Storage for Dummies

    Ebooks · Jul 2018 · Provided By IBM

    Software‐Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, tells the story of this paradigm shift in data management technology. This book introduces IBM Spectrum Storage, a leading family of SDS solutions, and provides plenty of information and ideas on how these “thinking” systems from IBM can help your cognitive business be...

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  • Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Database

    Ebooks · Mar 2018 · Provided By IBM

    How companies are managing growth, gaining insights and cutting costs in the era of big data Top reasons to change your database: 1. Lower total cost of ownership. 2. A platform for rapid reporting and analytics. 3. Increased scalability and availability. 4. Support for new and emerging applications. 5. Flexibility...

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  • Hire that digital experience assistant you have always needed.

    Ebooks · Feb 2018 · Provided By IBM

    Learn how Watson Content Hub can help you build a consistent brand and win the hearts of your customers. 1) The goal of marketing is to build an iconic brand. 2) To build a brand, you need the right content at the right time. 3) Find assets quickly with a...

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  • eBook: DevOps for Dummies 3rd Edition

    Ebooks · Oct 2017 · Provided By IBM

    Todays fast-moving world makes DevOps essential for any business aspiring to be agile and lean in order to respond rapidly to changing customer and marketplace demands. This book helps you understand DevOps and how your organization can gain real business benefits from it. You also discover how a holistic view...

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  • Consume mainframe workloads with the agility of the cloud ebook

    Ebooks · Aug 2017 · Provided By IBM

    For over five decades, the availability, performance, scale and security of the mainframe has made it the engine that powers much of world’s data. However, a gap may exist between your organization’s mainframe backbone and your transformation goals. The path you take to bridge this gap will make all the...

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  • zSystems Cloud ebook

    Ebooks · Jul 2017 · Provided By IBM

    IBM z Systems, one of the world’s leading transaction cloud servers, for the workloads of today and the next-generation apps of tomorrow

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  • Application Managers: What's keeping you up at night?

    Ebooks · Apr 2017 · Provided By IBM

    The success of your business relies on the performance of your applications because they deliver the services to your customers that keep you in business. Your IT infrastructure supports and carries these applications — the lifeblood of your company. How to keep things up and running, connected, responsive and relevant...

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  • Growing Government Cyber Intelligence

    Ebooks · Jan 2017 · Provided By IBM

    As traditional network perimeters surrounding data centers dissolve, agencies face enormous difficulties fending off attacks using a patchwork of traditional security tools to protect classified or personally identifiable information (PII). Time and again, traditional security practices have proven porous and/or unsustainable. This is why public sector officials must transform current...

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  • Putting an End to Content Chaos

    Ebooks · Jul 2016 · Provided By IBM

    Consider the volume of business content that your organization generates or receives every day. If it is poorly managed, not digitized, or disconnected from critical business processes, it creates chaos. Click on your industry tab above to reflect on the important challenges you face and learn how IBM solutions can...

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