• Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Database

    Ebooks · Mar 2018 · Provided By IBM

    How companies are managing growth, gaining insights and cutting costs in the era of big data Top reasons to change your database: 1. Lower total cost of ownership. 2. A platform for rapid reporting and analytics. 3. Increased scalability and availability. 4. Support for new and emerging applications. 5. Flexibility...

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  • Putting an End to Content Chaos

    Ebooks · Jul 2016 · Provided By IBM

    Consider the volume of business content that your organization generates or receives every day. If it is poorly managed, not digitized, or disconnected from critical business processes, it creates chaos. Click on your industry tab above to reflect on the important challenges you face and learn how IBM solutions can...

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  • Big Data Beyond the Hype: A Guide to Conversations for Today’s Data Center

    Ebooks · Jan 2016 · Provided By IBM

    Read the eBook to: 1) Expand what you know about Big Data; 2) Learn about the Big Data Zones Model that brings a new approach to managing data, faster to deploy, faster to insights and with less risk; 3) Gain confidence in your Big Data projects and learn about the...

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  • The rise of the machine data: Are you prepared?

    Ebooks · Jan 2016 · Provided By IBM

    Read the ebook to learn how to 1) Gain real-time insights into operations, customer experience, transactions and behavior; 2) Identify and investigate anomalies, 3) Monitor end-to-end infrastructure to proactively avoid service degradation or outages. Learn how to uncover actionable insights through the IBM big data platform.

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  • Making the case for Big Data & Hadoop ebook

    Ebooks · Oct 2015 · Provided By IBM

    Big data—data from many sources, of varying formats, both structured and unstructured—means different things in different industries. But as different as their needs and usage of big data may be, there is one commonality among all industries: the opportunity to plumb big data for better, more informed perspectives on their...

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  • Big Data Beyond the Hype "A Guide to Conversations for Today’s Data Center"

    Ebooks · Oct 2015 · Provided By IBM

    The term Big Data is a bit of a misnomer. Truth be told, we’re not even big fans of the term—despite the fact that it is so prominently displayed on the cover of this book—because it implies that other data is somehow small (it might be) or that this particular...

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  • Top 10 ways that IBM Platform Computing Can Save you Money

    Ebooks · Feb 2015 · Provided By IBM

    Whether in high-performance computing, Big Data or analytics, information technology has become an essential tool in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape. Organizations are increasingly being challenged to do more with less and this is fundamentally impacting the way that IT infrastructure is deployed and managed. In this short e-book, learn the...

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  • Learn from the Best: How Customer Understanding and Analytics Grows Revenue and Deepens Loyalty

    Ebooks · Nov 2014 · Provided By IBM

    How can you gain the insights you need to build stronger relationships with customers and improve your business results this holiday season? Read this ebook and discover how 10 leading companies are gaining deeper insight into their customers, enabling them to provide personalized experiences that engage customers across channels, increase...

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  • The Rise of Machine Data:  Are you prepared?

    Ebooks · Oct 2014 · Provided By IBM

    Businesses contain countless systems, sensors, meters, and other IT devices generating volumes of data daily. But, are your devices and systems simply sharing data or are they having a conversation that enables better business outcomes? There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected devices today and over 30 billion...

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  • Analytics and Big Data for the Midmarket (eBook)

    Ebooks · Jul 2014 · Provided By IBM

    With so much emphasis in the business world being placed on big data and analytics, it can be easy for midsize businesses to feel like they’re being left behind. These organizations often recognize the benefits offered by big data and analytics, but have a hard time pursuing those benefits with...

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