• Quality Improvement –A DevOps for Middleware Scenario

    Webcasts · Feb 2016 · Provided By IBM

    Fingers wagging, eyes squinting –“Why didn’t you find this problem during testing?!”How many times have you been asked that, only to try to defend yourself with things like “we can’t test everything!” and “it’s a corner case”? Everyone knows you can’t improve quality by testing alone, so what can you...

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  • Reinvent Your Branch Offices

    Webcasts · Nov 2013 · Provided By IBM

    Internet and mobile banking are quickly replacing the original purpose of your bank’s branch offices – to manage deposits, withdrawals and other transactions. However, there is significant evidence that maintaining a presence in your community in the form of a physical branch is still very important.

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  • IBM Watson: Milestones in Healthcare Deep QA

    Webcasts · May 2012 · Provided By IBM

    Across the healthcare industry, we are seeing forward-thinking organizations develop new competencies in anticipation of the opportunity that comes with industry-wide transformation. They are positioning themselves for success. And they are defining the future of healthcare.

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