• Not Enough: IPSs and NGFWs Leave Dangerous Gaps in Enterprise Security

    Webcasts // Jul 2014 // provided by Imperva

    Network security solutions are no longer enough to protect enterprises. Despite huge investments in the latest intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), companies are still getting hacked. To protect against web-based threats, organizations need a web application firewall. In this on-demand webinar, Research Director Adam Hils of lead ...

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  • Put 1080p High-Definition Analytics Into Your IP Camera

    Webcasts // Jan 2012 // provided by Imperva

    Advanced analytics is replacing simple motion detection in surveillance cameras. See how one can get 1080p high-definition (HD) analytics in their IP camera with a single-chip video analytics solution. In this webcast, the presneter discusses why FPGAs are ideal for high-definition video analytics systems.

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  • Universal User Tracking

    Webcasts // Jan 2011 // provided by Imperva

    In this webcast, the presenters say about Universal User Tracking technology enables organizations to track individual end users, even when user connections are pooled. This informative and concise video shows how Imperva's innovative Web to Database User Tracking technique accurately identifies end users in multi-tier environments.

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