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  • (ISC)² Report: Cybersecurity Assessments in Mergers & Acquisitions

    White Papers · Mar 2020 · Provided By (ISC)2

    Cybersecurity audits are now standard practice in the merger and acquisition process. And what these reviews uncover can substantially impact a target company’s valuation – and ultimately decide whether a deal is completed or abandoned. A strong cyber program could make or break your valuation. (ISC)² polled a highly-targeted...

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  • Cybersecurity Professionals Focus on Developing New Skills as Workforce Gap Widens

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By (ISC)2

    Awareness of the cybersecurity skills shortage has been growing worldwide. Nevertheless, that workforce gap continues to grow, putting organizations at risk. Despite increases in tech spending, this imbalance between supply and demand of skilled professionals continues to leave companies vulnerable. It’s no surprise that research shows the shortage of cybersecurity...

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  • Hardening the Defenses

    Ebooks · Sep 2017 · Provided By (ISC)2

    A Guide to Resisting Today's Cyber Threats Learn the different steps to enhance your cyber defences, leverage threat intelligence information and effectively respond to incidents and threats. Articles included in this eBook are the following: Threat Intelligence: Bigger than the Network 7 Steps: to enhance you...

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