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  • Re-Thinking Digital Transformation

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By LAB3

    How a managed, cloud-based container environment could differentiate your business in 2020 Australian businesses are on a definite march to cloud, with 42% of businesses already using paid cloud solutions. Yet creating, storing, and managing an ever-growing array of digital, cloud-based applications and solutions can be extremely challenging. In...

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  • Where Do IT Pros See the Trade-Off Between Risk and Innovation?

    Webcasts · Sep 2020 · Provided By LAB3

    Spoiler alert: they don't. Watch this fascinating insight into the current state of cloud and dev ops, uncovering the surprising nexus between experimentation, open-source platforms and security. Red Hat's Johannes Swanepoel talks with Lab3's Andy Lyons about the real opportunities for DevOps teams in enterprise environments.

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  • Can DevOps Get Creative on the Cloud? IT Pros Reveal Their Approach

    Webcasts · Sep 2020 · Provided By LAB3

    While many industries struggle with limitations, IT professionals are witnessing pockets of the opposite: the freedom to experiment at pace. Whether forced by necessity or born out of creativity, Red Hat's Adam Goossens and Lab3's Mark Cayley reveal the unlikely triumph of DevOps culture in the context of the pandemic.

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