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  • Your Name Sounds Beautiful?

    White Papers // Dec 2007 // provided by LABBRAND China Consulting

    For every company or product which needs a proper Chinese name, it is always a question whether the Chinese name should be phonetically adapted or not. As the data shown in the paper, nearly 90% of companies would choose to convert their English names phonetically. Then the next question, to ...

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  • Chinese Naming For Foreign Banks

    White Papers // Nov 2007 // provided by LABBRAND China Consulting

    Through analysis, Labbrand naming experts suggests that foreign banks consider three important tips when choosing Chinese names: the name should accurate and specific to avoid sharing names with other companies and to maintain a consistent name use across all of China's markets (including Taipei and Hong Kong); having a Chinese ...

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  • Car Industry Branding

    White Papers // Sep 2006 // provided by LABBRAND China Consulting

    This paper on Car naming begins with some overview of what is really displayed on the car seen on the streets of China. Most of the international clients believe that everything is written in Chinese on a car. A survey made in August 2006 by Labbrand Research team on a ...

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