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  • Video: Six Steps to Private Cloud

    Videos · Sep 2013 · Provided By Logicalis

    Logicalis illustrates the six steps to enabling private cloud, which are fundamentally based on simplifying the data centre infrastructure. Logicalis enables private cloud infrastructure with EMC and Cisco, using the VSPEX platform to accelerate the transition to a fully automated and orchestrated data centre environment. This short and interesting...

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  • Enabling Private Cloud

    White Papers · Sep 2013 · Provided By Logicalis

    Describing data centre trends in broad conceptual statements is one thing, breaking it down into the essential components all CIOs must consider to develop a sustainable cloud infrastructure is quite another. This whitepaper looks at how to move towards "IT as a Service" based on a private cloud, with the...

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  • Five Steps to Enabling Secure Enterprise Mobility

    White Papers · Aug 2013 · Provided By Logicalis

    Building Tomorrow's Workplace requires commitment from the CIO across abroad spectrum of elements; both technological and organisational. Every organisation will need to respond differently given its particular circumstances. This article describes the steps to building one of the main foundations for Tomorrow's Workplace: the required infrastructure to securely enable enterprise...

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  • Enabling Flexible Working - Tomorrow's Workplace: enabling employees to be productive - on any device and in any location

    White Papers · Aug 2013 · Provided By Logicalis

    The workplace is no longer the office. Employees are working on any device and in any location and expecting the same corporate IT experience. Organisations that are not embracing a new way of working and communicating, risk not just impacting productivity but the ability to recruit and retain the next...

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