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  • Cloud OnAir: New high performance Storage with NetApp and Google Cloud

    Videos · Feb 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Watch this webcast and learn about the new collaboration between NetApp and Google Cloud, which provides access to a fully-managed, highly scalable, cloud-native multi-protocol service integrated with GCP that provides advanced data management including snapshots and cloning. NetApp Cloud Volumes for GCP is ideal for lift and shift of workloads...

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  • With Azure, the Impossible just became Possible

    Case Studies · Feb 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    While many customers are moving more and more file-based workloads to the cloud to drive agility and CAPEX improvements, they are handcuffed by a need to re-architect their applications: a time-consuming and expensive endeavour that prevents them from realising the value of fully embracing the cloud. Azure NetApp Files eliminates...

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  • Infrastructure Considerations for AI Data Pipelines

    White Papers · Sep 2018 · Provided By NetApp

    Get IDC's guidance on how to approach AI challenges, infrastructure design considerations, and end-to-end data pipeline management. Learn how to accelerate AI-driven business outcomes and overcome deployment obstacles.

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  • Designing and Building a Data Pipeline for Your AI Workflows

    White Papers · Sep 2018 · Provided By NetApp

    Find out how you can build a data pipeline for your deep-learning (DL) workflows today, while future-proofing investments in your AI infrastructure. Learn how careful infrastructure planning can smooth the flow of data through your organisation's DL pipeline, lead to faster deployment times, and maximise competitive differentiation.

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  • The Future of the Cloud is Here: Data Mobility and Performance

    Videos · Jul 2018 · Provided By NetApp

    When it comes to cloud, companies dream of finally achieving the elusive free-flowing workload migration. Join NetApp VP of Cloud Services Jonsi Stefansson for a look into a new cloud service, NetApp® Cloud Volumes for AWS. In this webinar you'll learn how to remove obstacles that are preventing you...

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  • The Ultimate Azure Migration Guide for IT Professionals

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Migration to the public cloud should be considered a strategic move, which includes reviewing and planning each of the steps in advance of migration so your organisation enjoys a smooth transition. You have to consider all the different subsystems, including storage, compute, and network, as well as different IT management...

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  • Databases on Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Robust, high-performing, and scalable storage in the cloud is essential for deploying a database system, where the reliable storage and retrieval of data across hundreds or thousands of concurrent client connections is paramount. Large organizations rely on their databases to be the permanent system of record for all business...

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  • File Services with Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    File shares provide data access and management capabilities for files to any client, in any geography and data format, at any scale. Migrating file share workloads to the cloud offers the benefit of limitless scalability, while transparently addressing concerns about high availability and resilience to system failure. With SMB-...

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  • Inspire Innovation with Cloud

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and companies that succeed in their digital transformation can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Data-driven companies operate more efficiently and outperform the competition. Enterprises that are positioned to gain the greatest insights from data will decide the future. Deploying data services across...

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  • 10 Top Benefits of Switching to Flexpod

    White Papers · Nov 2018 · Provided By NetApp

    Get objective insights into the FlexPod solution from hundreds of IT Central Station reviews. Find out how IT departments have taken advantage of FlexPod's validated designs and centralized support, innovative and reliable technology in a single SKU, and streamlined setup and administration. You'll learn how FlexPod can help increase IT...

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