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  • Generic SNMP Proxy Agent Framework for Management of Heterogeneous Network Elements

    White Papers // Jan 2012 // provided by NIIT

    Centralized management and monitoring of Network Elements (NEs) in a communication network is very critical to ensure high availability and lower downtime. Many management protocols like SNMP, CMIP, TL1, CORBA, etc. have been standardized by different bodies to facilitate unified management of different types of NEs. However, many NEs do ...

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  • Apollo Hospitals Group

    Case Studies // Nov 2004 // provided by NIIT

    Apollo Hospitals Group has the largest chain of hospitals in India. Apollo Health Street (AHS) Ltd., one of the ventures of Apollo, wanted to setup a Virtual Medical University (VMU) as a portal to host multiple services for the medical fraternity (practicing doctors, doctors mastering in medicine and students graduating ...

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