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  • Privacy Preserving Distributed K - Means Clustering in Malicious Model

    White Papers // Jan 2013 // provided by NIT

    "Preserving privacy is crucial in distributed environments wherein data mining becomes a collaborative task among participants. Critical applications in distributed environment demand higher level of privacy with lesser overheads. Solutions proposed on the lines of cryptography provide higher level of privacy but poor scalability due to higher overheads. Further, existing ...

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  • Vision in IT from Cloud Computing

    White Papers // Dec 2011 // provided by NIT

    In this paper, the authors' proposes a new concept for Automaticeconomic IT and optimum usage of resource in IT, especially for educational institutes. Theoretical background and overview is presented on the basic underlying principles, autoutility computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Their relation to cloud computing is explored and focused as ...

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