• Economist Study: How a Proactive C-Suite Can reduce Cyber-Risk for the Enterprise

    Case Studies // Dec 2016 // provided by Oracle

    Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit shows how firms can improve data security. Certain firms consistently demonstrate success in reducing breaches across all major forms of cyber-attack. 32% of companies named their top security priority as adopting a proactive data defense strategy. Discover eight steps to reduce vulnerability to ...

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  • Samsung Electronics Gains Ability to Bring Mobile Phones to Market Faster

    Case Studies // Dec 2012 // provided by Oracle

    Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading mobile phone provider employing nearly 190,500 people in 206 offices across 68 countries. By using Oracle Java Wireless Client, Samsung could develop carrier-specific applications and bring new mobile phones to market faster. This solution allowed Samsung to: Improve response to customer demands in ...

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  • Cloud - BT Case Study

    Case Studies // Feb 2012 // provided by Oracle

    British Telecommunications is one of the world's leading telecommunications companies. Like any modern corporation, BT depends heavily on its database infrastructure to support critical business applications. But the complexity of managing thousands of databases representing a mix of products, versions, operating systems, and hardware was taking a toll. BT Operate ...

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