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  • Is your IT Ready For Disruption?

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Outsystems

    The State of Application Development - 2019/2020 Report. Over 3,300 IT professionals around the world share their insights in our most comprehensive research report on the state of application development. Organizational agility is more important today than ever. Digital transformation has dominated business strategy for several years. The...

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  • AXA Case Study

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Outsystems

    Find out why AXA ultimately chose Low-Code Platform, OutSystems, as the best and fastest solution to build an insurance portal in 3 months to make Claims Tracking Easy for 3000+ Brokers.

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  • The State Application Development Report 2018-19

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Outsystems

    The need for digital transformation dominates business strategy today, and there are two obvious consequences for IT. Demand for application development is at an all-time high, and speed and agility are more important than ever before. It is in this backdrop our fifth annual survey of IT professionals...

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