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  • Specifying Hydronic Systems: For Laundries and Car Washes

    White Papers // Jan 2004 // provided by Penton Media

    The most important concern regarding water heater sizing for any commercial application is never to run out of hot water. Undersized or improperly sized systems can lead to customer complaints, costly service calls, and premature water heater failure. How can we avoid these situations and properly size an application? This ...

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  • Best Practices For Increasing Your Profits In A Down Economy

    Webcasts // May 2003 // provided by Penton Media

    This webcast talks on ?Best Practices for Increasing Your Profits in a Down Economy?. It tries to cover the issues like identifying the hidden profit opportunities with event-driven costing, implementing on profit initiatives, turning data into profits etc. The example of Owens and Minor Distributors are taken to identify the ...

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  • Taking Stock Of 401(k) Plan Design

    White Papers // Jan 2003 // provided by Penton Media

    If your 401(k) plan is overweighed in company stock, tread carefully. Before regulators mandate the amount of stock allowed, fiduciaries should take action to avoid future problems. When 401(k) plan participants heavily invest their retirement savings in their employer's stock, both the company and the employees may be taking on ...

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