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  • All-Flash Data Center for Dummies

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By Pure Storage

    Smart storage solutions, such as all-flash systems, provide companies with cloud-like productivity, efficiency, and economics. READ THE BOOK AND LEARN: How to contain your storage costs Attain storage simplicity and manageability Ways to achieve scalability and agility Reasons you need all-flash storage

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  • DBAs are from Saturn, Storage Admins are from Neptune

    Ebooks · Dec 2016 · Provided By Pure Storage

    Have you ever wondered why the DBA - Storage Admin relationship is so complicated? Are DBAs unrealistic and uncooperative? Are Storage Admins slow and prone to overcomplicate? NO! Download this eBook and we'll give you tips to get more out of your DBA - Storage Admin relationship.

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  • The Flash Revolution Is Right Now

    Ebooks · Oct 2015 · Provided By Pure Storage

    Datacenter unrest has been brewing… virtualization consolidates mixed application workloads and places new demands on storage. Cloud creates new expectations for agility, economics, and performance. While servers and networks continue to get faster, following Moore’s Law, mechanical disk is limited by fundamental rotational physics and has become the bottleneck, slowing...

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