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  • Ten Ways to Improve IT Efficiency with an SOE

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    In today's digital businesses, IT organizations are expected to deliver more services at a faster pace than ever before. However, an IT infrastructure built on multiple operating systems creates complexity that can delay provisioning, increase downtime, and create security and compliance risks. Read more to learn the 10 steps to...

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  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy Checklist

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Private, public, and hybrid cloud computing are gaining popularity as companies seek efficient, cost-effective technology and compute solutions that address their needs in real time. Learn more about successful approaches to cloud deployment in this hybrid cloud strategy checklist.

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  • 10 Ways to Automate Microsoft Windows with Red Hat Ansible

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Most organizations use varied IT stacks within their business. You may have a Linux&reg server farm and use a Microsoft Active Directory cluster to provide identity services. Or you may maintain a cross-platform environment that builds software for multiple targets. Manually managing each of the different components can be tedious...

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  • Enterprise Automation in a DevOps World

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    The pace and scale of digital business innovation is increasing. Industries are experiencing widespread disruption. Digitally connected customers demand more, faster. New competition comes out of nowhere. Organizations are trying to optimize resources, accelerate development, and adapt faster to market changes. All of these demands place an extra burden on...

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  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies E-book_APAC

    Ebooks · Sep 2020 · Provided By Red Hat

    Cloud computing is proliferating and taking over the world of IT as we know it. Cloud computing also grows more complex and multi-faceted daily. Jumping onto the cloud is easy, but getting it right is somewhat trickier. Learn more in this hybrid cloud strategy e-book from Red Hat and Intel.

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