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  • The API Owner's Manual

    Ebooks · Oct 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    APIs are becoming the digital connective tissue of modern organizations, adding new capabilities to everything from their operations and products to their partnership strategies. In 2015 it’s no longer a stretch to say that most organizations don’t ask whether to engage in API programs, but how to do so. This...

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  • Executive Checklist: Open Banking

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    Modern banking has become synonymous with the modernization of legacy systems. To continuously improve customer experiences, banks must break down monolithic, institutionalized processes and create a culture that spawns innovation from anywhere. But while 90% of banks are already on their path of transforming to be more digital, only 8%...

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  • Beyond Banking Through Open APIs

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    We live in an increasingly connected world. Mobility has allowed us, as consumers, to connect not only with each other but to services that make our lives easier and more enjoyable, whenever and wherever we choose. In banking, customers want to access their financial lives through a variety of channels,...

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