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  • Exploiting Network Awareness to Enhance DASH Over Wireless

    White Papers // Jan 2015 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    The introduction of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) helped reduce the consumption of resource in video delivery, but its client-based rate adaptation is unable to optimally use the available end-to-end network bandwidth. The authors consider the problem of optimizing the delivery of video content to mobile clients while meeting ...

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  • Evaluating Opportunistic Delivery of Large Content with TCP Over WiFi in I2V Communication

    White Papers // Oct 2014 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    With the increasing interest in connected vehicles, it is useful to evaluate the capability of delivering large content over a Wi-Fi infrastructure to vehicles. The throughput achieved over Wi-Fi channels can be highly variable and also rapidly degrades as the distance from the access point increases. While this behavior is ...

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  • Opportunities in a Federated Cloud Marketplace

    White Papers // May 2014 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Recent measurement studies show that there are massively distributed hosting and computing infrastructures deployed in the Internet. Such infrastructures include large data centers and organizations' computing clusters. When idle, these resources can readily serve local users. Such users can be Smartphone or tablet users wishing to access services such as ...

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  • Building Green Cloud Services at Low Cost

    White Papers // May 2014 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Interest in powering datacenters at least partially using on-site renewable sources, e.g. solar or wind, has been growing. In fact, researchers have studied distributed services comprising networks of such \"Green\" datacenters, and load distribution approaches that \"Follow the renewables\" to maximize their use. However, prior works have not considered where ...

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  • Cost-Oblivious Storage Reallocation

    White Papers // Apr 2014 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Databases allocate and free blocks of storage on disk. Freed blocks introduce holes where no data is stored. Allocation systems attempt to reuse such de-allocated regions in order to minimize the footprint on disk. When previously allocated blocks cannot be moved, this problem is called the memory allocation problem. It ...

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  • Designing and Managing Datacenters Powered by Renewable Energy

    White Papers // Feb 2014 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Datacenters range from small numbers of servers in machine rooms to thousands of servers housed in warehouse-size installations. Estimates for 2010 indicate that collectively datacenters consume around 1.5% of the total electricity used world-wide. This translates into high carbon emissions as most of this electricity comes from fossil fuels. On-site ...

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  • Performance Evaluation of Mobile Hotspots in Densely Deployed WLAN Environments

    White Papers // Jul 2013 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    In this paper, the authors present a study of mobile Wireless LAN (WLAN) hotspots which are used to provide cellular-Wi-Fi tethering service to personal devices. A dense deployment scenario for fixed and mobile WLAN is described and potential performance problems due to interference are identified. An analytical model for coexisting ...

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  • Quantifying and Improving I/O Predictability in Virtualized Systems

    White Papers // Apr 2013 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Virtualization enables the consolidation of Virtual Machines (VMs) to increase the utilization of physical servers in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud providers. However, the authors' experience shows that storage I/O performance varies wildly in the face of consolidation. Since many users may desire consistent performance, they argue that IaaS providers should offer ...

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  • Providing Green SLAs in High Performance Computing Clouds

    White Papers // Mar 2013 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    Demand for clean products and services is increasing as society is becoming increasingly aware of climate change. In response, many enterprises are setting explicit sustainability goals and implementing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Quantification and disclosure of such goals and initiatives have become important marketing tools. As enterprises and individuals ...

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  • Content as a Network Primitive

    White Papers // Dec 2012 // provided by Rutgers CMD

    The current functionality supported by OpenFlowbased Software Defined Networking (SDN) includes switching, routing, tunneling, and some basic fire walling while operating on traffic flows. However, the semantics of SDN do not allow for other operations on the traffic, nor does it allow operations at a higher granularity. In this paper, ...

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