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  • Secrets to Business Growth

    Ebooks · Nov 2014 · Provided By Salesforce

    Small businesses define our economy, creating 60% of US jobs. And to thrive, they need to turn on fast and sustainable business growth. In this exclusive ebook, you'll see one-on-one interviews with three successful entrepreneurs: Buyer's Best Friend: Joyce Guan, Founder; Trunk Club: Brian Spaly, CEO; and Bespoke Collection:...

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  • 10 Dreamforce Announcements That Will Shape Sales in 2015

    Ebooks · Nov 2014 · Provided By Salesforce

    If you missed Dreamforce this year, we’ve got you covered. In this ebook, you’ll discover the ten major breakthroughs for Sales Cloud — and how they will enable the sales team of the future. Explore enhanced capablities, loads of new features, new mobile apps and a seamless user experience. Welcome...

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  • Do You Fit the Profile that Wins More Sales?

    Ebooks · Nov 2014 · Provided By Salesforce

    Find out which type of sales rep is mostly likely to succeed in the current economy. Corporate Executive Board asked over 450 front-line sales managers and their direct reports questions across 44 different attributes, covering areas such as attitudes, skills, behaviors, activities, and knowledge. Get the eBook to find out...

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  • The Social Sales Revolution - 7 steps to get ahead

    White Papers · Jan 2013 · Provided By Salesforce

    A new age of the social customer has arrived, marked by an ever-expanding stream of blog posts, status alerts, tweets, and “likes.” Social networking users have surpassed email users, and 22 percent of time spent online is on social media sites. This new order has radical implications for salespeople. The...

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