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    Data Management


    by sear96 ·

    I have been into Systems Admin for three years. I plan to further my career in this field by pursuing some certifcation like MCSE CCNA. I had asked our group some advice on which way may be the best. One of our friends had given a valuable advice to choose a field that was not inundated.

    Is Data Management a line to pursue for a Systems Admin. If so how can one go about do it. Can soe one help me on the indundation level in this field? I came up on this thought seeing a lot of talks presently on Data recovery, analysis and Managent of Data. How can one start of in this field ?

    Thank you

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      Data structures!

      by areets ·

      In reply to Data Management

      How would you view yourself in the DB arena?


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        Can i look into that field?

        by sear96 ·

        In reply to Data structures!

        I have done my basic course in Oracle and have S/W exp , but no much enough, i mean less than one year, am also a sun certified java programmer, but being in the sys admin field i could not pursue it further.

        What i would like to know is, would it help a systems admin doing a DBA course. I mean does it enhance my career being a sys admin and also a DBA ?

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