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  • Formal Analysis for Real-Time Scheduling

    White Papers // Nov 2014 // provided by SRI International

    In modern avionics architectures, application software increasingly relies on services provided by a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). An application is typically structured in sets of processes that share common hardware resources via the RTOS. Such architectures present numerous advantages for software development by decoupling the application software from the specifics ...

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  • Towards Automated Collection of Application-Level Data Provenance

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by SRI International

    Gathering data provenance at the operating system level is useful for capturing system-wide activity. However, many modern programs are complex and can perform numerous tasks concurrently. Capturing their provenance at this level, where processes are treated as single entities, may lead to the loss of useful intra-process detail. This can, ...

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