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  • Achieving Cloud Superiority - The Benefits of Advisory Services eBook

    Ebooks · Apr 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    Cloud computing has rapidly emerged as an essential technology for achieving economies of scale, reducing spending, globalising work forces, improving accessibility, and streamlining processes. Accordingly, enterprises face numerous choices and challenges regarding cloud computing implementation and adoption. Organisations of all types and sizes need to look to third party experts...

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  • Conquer Cloud Chaos with MatrixCloud

    Webcasts · Mar 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    Did you know the average enterprise utilizes over 450 cloud applications. (Source: Netscope) That is often nine or 10 times the number of apps the IT group estimates they use! Clearly that paints a startling picture of a chaos surrounding cloud in many organizations, where employees in need of solutions...

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