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  • 6 Best Practices of Managed Mobility Services

    White Papers · Apr 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    The constant change in the mobility landscape often leads to a convoluted, ineffective process of mobility management. Mobility Managed Services (MMS) is emerging as a response to this complexity. MMS can address the varying levels of challenge through an objective-based setting for management in the enterprise. MMS pre-integrates solutions...

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  • Embracing and Empowering the Connected Enterprise

    Ebooks · Mar 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    Today's connected enterprises are virtual communication hubs where employees and data link seamlessly to drive commerce through the collaboration and information. Understanding the quantity and quality of connections directly impacts the efficiency, progress, and success of your connected enterprise.

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  • Enterprise Mobility Management: The Expansive Migration of Mobility

    Ebooks · Mar 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    The inherent complexities of mobility bring new challenges to enterprises. Traditional mobile de¬vice management strategies may no longer meet the needs of companies that want to streamline their mobile experience and accommodate new devices and mobile policies. In light of this new reality, some enterprises are migrating towards managed mobility...

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