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  • SHAPE the Wireless Traffic in the Home Network

    White Papers // Oct 2011 // provided by TECHNICOLOR

    Today's home hosts an increasing number of multimedia devices, such as media servers, set-top boxes and IP-TVs. As users favor wireless devices, home Wi-Fi networks are facing the challenge of providing throughput assurances to multimedia traffic. The authors propose SHAPE, a Smart Home Access Point Environment, that enforces medium sharing ...

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  • Dissemination in Opportunistic Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks: The Power of the Crowd

    White Papers // Sep 2011 // provided by TECHNICOLOR

    Opportunistic ad-hoc communication enables portable devices such as smartphones to effectively exchange information, taking advantage of their mobility and locality. The nature of human interaction makes information dissemination using such networks challenging. The authors use three different experimental traces to study fundamental properties of human interactions. They break the traces ...

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