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  • Get the most out of the Internet of Things in five steps

    White Papers // Oct 2016 // provided by Telstra

    The Internet of Things (IOT) is poised to become a cornerstone of business innovation and growth, and its impact on Australian industries will be significant. From a technology perspective, IoT leverages the core components of networks (and their capability and coverage), security, analytics and cloud services to create a tremendous ...

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  • 2017 State of the Cloud Report ANZ

    White Papers // Jun 2017 // provided by Telstra

    In February 2017, RightScale surveyed 168 technical professionals in Australia and New Zealand across a broad cross-section of organisations about their adoption of cloud computing. The RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Survey for Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) provides data on how organisations in ANZ are adopting cloud computing. We also ...

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  • Digital Disruption and Workplace Transformation

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Telstra

    Digital disruption is impacting all sectors across Australia from government and public services through to banking, financial services, media, manufacturing, mining and transportation. Approximately 80% of Australian enterprises believe they are being impacted by a digital revolution. Employees and executives alike are looking at how new technologies ranging from 3D ...

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  • Telstra Cyber Security Report 2017

    White Papers // May 2017 // provided by Telstra

    The insights shared in this report are based on our understanding of the security risks that organisations face in the Asia Pacific region. We hope that it offers useful guidance on identifying and managing risk, and improve your awareness in the field of information security. These insights aim to support ...

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  • Harnessing Mobility to Solve Business Challenges

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by Telstra

    Most businesses see mobile services, devices, and applications as essential tools in the workplace and recognize the benefits that mobility brings to the business. However as their workforce and work practices have evolved new business challenges have emerged. Specifically many companies are now embracing the idea of a fully mobile ...

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  • Building a Hyper-Collaborative Enterprise to Deliver Business Process Excellence

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Telstra

    One of the fundamental changes that digitalisation has brought about is a rewriting of the rules of collaboration, one of the cornerstones of enterprise ICT investment. There is now a broad realisation that simply equipping every single knowledge worker with collaboration tools is not enough to produce results by itself. ...

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  • Frost IQ: Asia-Pacific Hosted Telephony and Unified Communications Service Providers, 2015

    White Papers // Jun 2016 // provided by Telstra

    The Asia-Pacific UCaaS market is expected to grow from USD 516.2 Million in 2015 to USD 1051.3 Million in 2021, at an estimated CAGR of 12.6%. Telephony services is the most widely adopted segment in UCaaS while hosted cloud unified communications is the least adopted yet remains an important segment ...

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  • Case Study: Jurlique tackles sustainability using cloud

    Videos // Jun 2016 // provided by Telstra

    This video case study explores how Jurlique tackled the challenges of growing their eco-friendly business into a sustainable enterprise using Telstra Cloud Services. Learn about all the benefits they've experienced as a result.

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  • Telstra's Future Ways Of Working™

    Videos // Jun 2016 // provided by Telstra

    In this expanded video, senior Telstra executives in the Telstra collaboration and enterprise services teams will guide you through Telstra's "Future Ways of Working"™. Learn how innovative collaboration services, BYOD and SAAS can revolutionise and transform operations within your enterprise and grow your business.

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  • The Bottom Line - Workforce mobility employee engagement

    White Papers // May 2016 // provided by Telstra

    What has workforce mobility got to do with employee engagement? Why should technologists and ICT transformation experts aim to help establish, grow and maintain employee engagement? And how best can you do so? What we can say for sure is that employee engagement continues to accelerate up the priority list ...

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