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  • MIPS: MIMO Power Save in 802.11n Wireless Networks

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by UCLA

    A fundamental limitation of applying MIMO in battery-constrained, 802.11n-enabled portable devices, is excessive power consumption of multiple active RF chains. The authors start the study in 802.11n MIMO power save (MIPS) by seeking to identify the factors that determine the most energy efficient chain setting. Surprisingly, the experimental results show ...

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  • Design and FPGA Implementation of Radix-10 Algorithm for Division with Limited Precision Primitives

    White Papers // Nov 2008 // provided by UCLA

    Several digit-recurrence schemes for decimal division have been presented in recent papers intended for ASIC implementations. In this paper, the authors present a decimal fixed-point division algorithm and design and implementation with the Xilinx virtex-5 FPGA device. The main feature of the algorithm is its use of short-precision primitive operators ...

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  • A Hardware-Oriented Method for Evaluating Complex Polynomials

    White Papers // Feb 2008 // provided by UCLA

    A hardware-oriented method for evaluating complex polynomials by solving iteratively a system of linear equations is proposed. Its implementation uses digit serial iterations on simple and highly regular hardware. The operations involved are defined over the reals. The authors describe a complex-to-real transform, a complex polynomial evaluation algorithm, the convergence ...

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  • Modeling Movie Lifecycles and Market Share

    White Papers // Sep 2004 // provided by UCLA

    The study examines box office sales in the context of a market share model. This is accomplished by developing a combination of a sliding-window logit model and a Gamma diffusion pattern, in a hierarchical Bayes framework. The paper shows that accounting for the full choice set available every week not ...

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