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  • BYOD: Challenges, Opportunities and How to Make it Work

    White Papers · Dec 2013 · Provided By Verizon

    CBS Interactive recently assembled a group of senior IT executives for a Verizon-sponsored roundtable to discuss BYOD and its impact on the businesses and the IT landscape. The group discussed the opportunities associated with BYOD, including increased collaboration, the ability to telecommute, and ease-of-use for employees. They also discussed the...

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  • Machine-to-Machine Technology Roundtable: The CIO Perspective

    Case Studies · Sep 2013 · Provided By Verizon

    Objects connected directly to the Internet, dubbed machine-to-machine, or M2M, technology provide a plethora of possibilities for organizations. Machines communicating directly with other machines with minimal human intervention poses exciting possibilities that will change the technology landscape significantly over time. The most interesting thing about M2M technology is that...

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  • eGuide: M2M: Changing the way we live and do business

    Ebooks · Jun 2013 · Provided By Verizon

    Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is all about protecting people, making services more responsive, business offerings more profitable, and ensuring that money, gasoline, and time can be conserved rather than wasted. By leveraging a massive, secure wireless network, machines across disparate locations (from the middle of a city to a remote...

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