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  • EBook: Cloud Management For Dummies

    White Papers // Oct 2016 // provided by VMware

    Cloud Management For Dummies is loaded with information that can help you understand and capitalize on cloud management. In plain and simple language, we explain what a cloud management platform is, why you need it, and which capabilities to demand in an enterprise solution. We also illustrate common use cases ...

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  • Key Capabilities for a Cloud Management Platform

    White Papers // Oct 2016 // provided by VMware

    Digital transformation provides businesses with tremendous competitive advantages, but it also places enormous pressure on IT departments. With the accelerated pace of business, IT must deliver services faster and more efficiently than ever before. As a result, IT organizations are running a mix of private and public clouds, and recognize ...

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  • Five Important Buying Criteria to Enable a Totally Mobile Workforce

    White Papers // Oct 2016 // provided by VMware

    This paper provides guidance for selecting a virtual workspace solution to enable your totally mobile workforce. Five buying decision considerations that directly impact the success of your mobile workspace strategy are discussed in detail. Recommendations for the most critical specifications are given to help you in ...

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  • VMware Horizon 7 Advantages Over Citrix

    White Papers // Oct 2016 // provided by VMware

    VMware mobile-cloud architecture provides customers with more capabilities, more value, and more productive end users than Citrix. Download this whitepaper to learn why organizations choose Horizon 7 over Citrix for their desktop and application environments for three key reasons and more: Trusted platform for ...

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  • Expand Your Horizon With Hosted Applications

    White Papers // Sep 2016 // provided by VMware

    VMware Horizon 7 offers full-featured support for hosted applications and shared desktop sessions, expanding the capabilities of the leading virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform. Tightly integrated with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Horizon can deliver hosted applications and desktop sessions, virtual desktops, and ...

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  • VMware NSX and Intel Webinar

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by VMware

    Download the VMware NSX and Intel webinar to discover the issues surrounding enterprise agility such as security, compliance and the role that VMware's NSX has to play. Everyone wants enterprise infrastructures to be agile, responsive and flexible. Watch now to understand why this is so important right now.

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  • 3 Key Things a Cloud Management Platform Should Offer

    Videos // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    VMWare's vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management platform that delivers the industry's most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud. Rory Choudhuri from VMWare talks us through the vRealize Suite and how it will scale to meet your business' needs.

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  • White Paper: Micro-Segmentation Builds Security Into Your Data Center's DNA

    White Papers // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Most enterprise IT professionals agree, securing the network only at the perimeter is inadequate for today's data centers. Modern attacks can exploit a perimeter-centric defense. In this paper, we show how VMware NSX enables security that is both ubiquitous and granular by integrating security functions into ...

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  • Tech Brief: 7 Reasons Why Micro-Segmentation is Powerful to Have and Painless to Add

    Analyst Briefings // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    This brief explains why it's time to take the next step toward the software-defined data center, and apply network virtualization and micro-segmentation to the network. It empowers infrastructure architects to react quickly to prevent breaches. Build a fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure application environment ...

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  • eBook: Extend Security and Control from the Data Center Edge to the Core

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by VMware

    Discover how micro-segmentation, delivered through network virtualization, provides comprehensive data center security, accelerates delivery time, and enhances the agility of your data center. Download the eBook here. Build a fundamentally more agile, efficient and secure application environment with VMware NSX network virtualization featuring Intel® Xeon® ...

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