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  • GPU-Optimized Coarse-Grained MD Simulations of Protein and RNA Folding and Assembly

    White Papers // Dec 2012 // provided by Wake Apps

    Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations provide a molecular-resolution physical description of the folding and assembly processes, but the size and the timescales of simulations are limited because the underlying algorithm is computationally demanding. The authors recently introduced a parallel neighbor list algorithm that was specifically optimized for MD simulations on GPUs. ...

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  • Mixed-Initiative Cyber Security: Putting Humans in the Right Loop

    White Papers // Feb 2009 // provided by Wake Apps

    Organizations and their computer infrastructures have grown intertwined in complex relationships through mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, and cooperative service delivery. Consequently, defensive actions and policy changes by one organization may have far-reaching negative consequences on the partner organizations. Human-centric and machine-centric approaches are insufficient for defending the security of today's increasingly ...

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