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  • Wind River Video Inside the Internet of Things

    Webcasts // Feb 2015 // provided by Wind River Systems

    Industrial applications -- from manufacturing to oil and gas to construction to healthcare – are growing more dynamic and agile thanks to the Internet of Things. This trend is extending to the consumer market and to traditional businesses, as well. As Internet-connected devices are alter the technology landscape, many ...

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  • Diab C/C++ Compiler

    Downloads // Jan 2004 // provided by Wind River Systems

    Diab C/C++ compiler suites are robust, ultra high-performance C and C++ compiling solutions for meeting embedded design challenges. The new Diab 5.1.1 version provides stronger support for C/C++. This evaluation version is for standalone use only and is not intended for use with Tornado. It runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Solaris, ...

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  • SNiFF+ / SNiFF+ PRO

    Downloads // Jan 2004 // provided by Wind River Systems

    SNiFF+ is a high-end source code analysis environment and SNiFF+ PRO is an open development environment for source code-centric application developers. It automates the build process across multiple platforms via the SNiFF+ PRO's build solution. It allows server side development from a single desktop through SNiFF+ PRO's remote compile and ...

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