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  • Digital transformation in retail: How consumers are using tech to make shopping easier and more enjoyable

    Downloads · Oct 2018 · Provided By

    If the race between corporate giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart to create fully-automated shopping experiences is any indication, retail could look a lot different in the near future. But are consumers ready for changes to the brick-and-mortar experience? From in-store research kiosks to AR/VR experiences and even ordering via...

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  • Comprehensive network utilization and bandwidth monitoring

    Downloads · Aug 2018 · Provided By SolarWinds

    Easily monitor network traffic Monitor flow data for traffic alongside fault, availability, and performance of network devices. Identify top talkers within minutes Determine which users, applications, or protocols are utilizing the most bandwidth. Prioritize network bandwidth utilization Use CBQoS to measure effectiveness and implement policies.

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  • The Case for SDS infographic

    Downloads · Jul 2018 · Provided By IBM

    Digital transformation is imperative. Businesses are betting big on digital transformation. It is estimated that spending growth worldwide on digital transformation technologies will increase to $2.1T by 2019. Transformation requires next generation infrastructure that is agile, scalable and operations friendly. Software defined storage (SDS) enables the next generation of IT...

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