• How to get the most from Apple’s free productivity apps: 9 tips (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Oct 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote tools are a lot more powerful than their streamlined interfaces would suggest. And thanks to iCloud integration, they also facilitate cross-platform collaboration. This ebook highlights what these apps have to offer and explains how to accomplish the most common tasks. From the ebook: ...

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  • Apple macOS Mojave: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Sep 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Apple's macOS Mojave includes numerous security and performance enhancements, along with new features and applications that will make life easier for both consumers and business professionals. This ebook runs through the key features, discusses alternative operating systems, and offers resources for learning more about the new OS. From the...

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  • Five ways to make macOS more efficient on the go (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Jun 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Mobile workers need to maximize efficiency—and if you use macOS, there are plenty of tiny ways to streamline your workflow. This ebook rounds up some simple, go-to tips. From the ebook: The MacBook Pro is often considered a work of art with regard to ease of use. And...

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  • Apple Siri: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Jun 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Siri can answer questions, return search information, and perform a wide array of actions—and now it’s being updated to offer predictive guidance and recommendations. This ebook explains what Siri can do for you. From the ebook: Occasionally, seemingly small innovations pack tremendous impact. That’s certainly proven true with...

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  • 10 Terminal commands to speed your work on the Mac (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Mar 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Apple’s Terminal is a direct link to the underpinnings of your Mac’s operating system, and within it is access to all of the possibilities available to your computer. To interact with the Terminal, you only need to enter a command and retrieve the data you want—there are no multi-page windows,...

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  • Boost your Mac productivity with these 10 techniques (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Apr 2017 · Provided By TechRepublic

    From migrating settings and files between machines to accessing Remote Desktop to troubleshooting Bluetooth devices, Mac users encounter numerous features, options, and configuration challenges. This ebook rounds up a selection of practical tips and tricks to make their Mac lives easier and more efficient. From the ebook: For...

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  • Apple Native Security - JAMF Software

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By JAMF Software

    Enterprise information security is a never-ending battle against constantly evolving threats. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and their attack vectors are always changing. The threat landscape is expanding, with new devices joining corporate networks every day. One solution to this security challenge is to embrace the Apple platform and take advantage...

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  • The New Reality of Mac in Business

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By JAMF Software

    With the global success of iPhone and iPad, many businesses are embracing the Apple platform. Along with these mobile devices, sales of Mac computers to business are growing. A decade ago, the Mac was an uncommon sight in many businesses and routinely ignored by corporate IT. Today, more and more...

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  • The Modern Mobile Workforce

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By JAMF Software

    The work of the modern, mobile workforce is no longer confined by place or by time. Mobile computers, wireless networking, and always-available online services allows for work to get done just about anywhere and at any time. For the modern IT Manager, this way of working offers new challenges and...

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  • The Casper Suite - ROI Overview

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By JAMF Software

    In today’s IT environment, it is more important than ever to manage resources with an eye towards efficient deployment and operability. With JAMF Software’s Casper Suite, IT departments can manage their Apple computers and mobile devices across the enterprise simply and effectively. Advance preparation of client machines to ensure consistency...

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