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  • Managing Security Risk And Compliance In A Challenging Landscape

    White Papers · Sep 2020 · Provided By Dell Technologies and Intel®

    Protecting sensitive data of the company, the employees and their customers isn't just a compliance obligation. It is a business imperative. Managing the security of the business is no easy task. Today's security environment is becoming more complex and difficult to manage and businesses are struggling to source talented...

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  • Effective License Management With a Changing Remote Workforce

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By Quest Software

    The untold cost of unused licenses The most common root cause of unused licenses is the infamous license pool. Many organizations maintain a pool of unused Office 365 licenses. This pool is sometimes as high as 15 or 20 percent of the total number of licenses they have purchased....

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  • Merger and Acquisition IT Integration: Active Directory

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By Quest Software

    Each IT integration project is unique based on the timelines, the makeup of the environment and the goals or outcomes sought to support the overall M&A cost synergies. This checklist is designed to help you keep track of the big items you need to consider in your planning...

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  • Download the new edition of Learning Spark from O’Reilly

    White Papers · Jul 2020 · Provided By Databricks

    As the most active open-source project in the big data community, Apache SparkTM has become the de-facto standard for big data processing and analytics. Spark’s ease of use, versatility, and speed has changed the way that teams solve data problems — and that’s fostered an ecosystem of technologies around it,...

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  • Securing Secrets and Application Data at Scale

    White Papers · Feb 2020 · Provided By HashiCorp

    Securing secrets and application data is a complex task for globally distributed organizations. One small mistake can lead to a major breach. Managing secrets for over 60 products across 150,000 hosts and four regions requires a different approach altogether. See how a company sought to reduce the risk of secret...

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  • Beat Bad Bots

    White Papers · Sep 2019 · Provided By PerimeterX

    Bad bots breach user accounts, tie up inventory, reduce conversion and decrease revenue. How confident are you that your current solution is stopping bad bots? Discover the seven must-haves for bot protection and learn: Everything you need to know about bad bots Why legacy bot protection techniques fail...

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  • Tableau business analytics: Tips and tricks

    Ebooks · Aug 2020 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Many businesses use data visualization and analysis applications to transform large amounts of generated raw data into useful and actionable information nuggets for decision makers. One of the more popular applications in this genre is produced by Tableau Software. Tableau is a business intelligence and data analytics platform that is...

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  • Big data's role in COVID-19

    Ebooks · Jul 2020 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Big data has become an important tool in the enterprise’s survival toolkit as it continues to adapt to the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. According to a survey from analytics platform provider Sisense, businesses are leaning on analytics for business insights and efficiencies more than they did pre-COVID-19....

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  • ConnectWise Difference

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By ConnectWise

    ConnectWise Manage is the leading professional services automation (PSA) software developed with expert knowledge of the recurring revenue and as-a-service business model. By connecting data and workflows across all stages of the customer lifecycle, ConnectWise Manage creates efficiencies, delivers insight, and supports growth. ConnectWise Manage was selected as the 2019...

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  • Understanding Your Data Protection ROI

    White Papers · Mar 2020 · Provided By Veeam

    Data protection and backup are often among the least appreciated aspects of IT, both in terms of budget and the perception of creating “business value” for the broader organization. Arguably, data protection and backup aren’t always respected even when compared to other facets of IT — until something fails, breaks...

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