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  • Container Native Application Development HOL

    Videos // Oct 2018 // provided by Oracle

    In this workshop you willl: Walk through the process of moving an existing application into a containerized CI/CD pipeline Learn how to deploy existing applications to a managed Kubernetes service in the Oracle Public Cloud Click below to learn more.

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  • Containerized Development with Docker HOL

    Videos // Oct 2018 // provided by Oracle

    This workshop will walk you through the process of creating an infrastructure to support deployment of a multi-container Docker application (AlphaOffice). To learn more about this workshop download the video now.

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  • Making a Successful Move to the Cloud for Core Enterprise Application

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Workday

    Read this whitepaper from CIO.com to understand why cloud architecture holds the most promise for today’s organizations and to gain valuable tips for evaluating cloud solutions.

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  • The Path To Cloud-Native Applications

    Ebooks // Oct 2018 // provided by Red Hat

    The cloud-native approach describes a way of modernising existing applications and building new applications based on cloud principles, using services and adopting processes optimised for the agility and automation of cloud computing. This e-book examines why companies are adopting a cloud-native application approach and covers the strengths and...

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  • Red Hat: Enabling faster innovation with DevOps and Red Hat OpenShift

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Red Hat

    Red Hat OpenShift is an application container platform that helps development and IT operations teams modernize existing enterprise applications and deliver new applications by accelerating development and delivery processes . Red Hat OpenShift offers development and operations teams a common platform and set of tools as a foundation for...

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  • Healthcare Evolution in the Information Age

    White Papers // Sep 2018 // provided by Carahsoft & VMware

    Healthcare companies are investing heavily in cloud computing and mobility, empowering their workers to deliver better service and improve patient outcomes. The results are hard to ignore: In one recent survey, virtually every company that has mobile devices deployed to care providers reported a positive impact on client satisfaction....

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  • Executive Checklist: Cloud-Native Platform

    White Papers // Sep 2018 // provided by Red Hat

    Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live. Access to data and information anytime, anywhere is no longer a luxury — it is a requirement, in both our personal and professional lives. For IT organizations, this means pressure has never been greater to deliver higher-quality applications more often, enabling companies...

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  • Cloud Security for Healthcare

    White Papers // Sep 2018 // provided by Symantec

    Healthcare organizations have as much to gain from the use of cloud apps and services as any other industry. Unfortunately, given the nature and sensitivity of healthcare data and its inherently high value to hackers, they're at a much higher risk of data loss. In this paper, we'll discuss how...

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  • How to Embrace Value-Based Healthcare with IT

    White Papers // Sep 2018 // provided by Carahsoft & VMware

    With government regulations, insurance giants, and private healthcare providers trending toward value-based models, medical organizations face significant challenges -- in terms of culture, processes, and technology -- in evolving away from for-fee services. It’s not an easy transition, and that’s because it’s often far more difficult to measure outcome...

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  • Four Steps to Navigate the Rise of the Social Enterprise

    White Papers // Sep 2018 // provided by Workday

    The report highlights the transformation Deloitte are seeing as a result of these new priorities, which they refer to as the Rise of the Social Enterprise. This reflects a profound shift in the growing importance of social capital in shaping an organization's purpose, guiding its relationships with employees and stakeholders,...

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