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  • Introduction to Employee Engagement

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Glint

    Even in challenging times, employee engagement is a key component of a company’s approach to stability and success. Understanding what drives employee engagement — and how to measure it effectively — helps organizations achieve better business outcomes. Download this report to learn how to: Identify the drivers of employee...

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  • Navigating Challenges: An Employee Engagement Toolkit for Leaders

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Glint

    Disruption in our work and personal lives can introduce significant emotional and psychological distress. So what do people need from their employer to remain motivated, productive, and successful during times of challenge and change? Download this toolkit to learn how to: Build habits that support agility and resilience....

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  • The Business Case for Employee Engagement and Performance

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Glint

    Employee engagement and performance have never been more critical. Organizations with highly engaged strong performers are almost twice as likely to see positive business outcomes compared to organizations with low performers and low engagement. This includes improvements in customer satisfaction, employee retention, and recruiting, as well as fewer safety incidents...

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  • Managers Matter for Employee Engagement and Performance

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Glint

    Employee engagement and performance have never been more critical. Highly capable managers increase the likelihood of both positive employee engagement and strong performance. Unfortunately, many managers are not equipped to deliver on their full potential. Download the infographic to learn: The critical importance of the manager relationship. ...

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  • Slack: Choosing a Collaboration Platform

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By Slack

    Since collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, improving it delivers real productivity gains across the whole enterprise. For companies trying to increase agility, better collaboration has become an urgent priority a way to reduce the organizational drag that kills innovation and responsiveness. That’s what this...

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  • How Slack’s Own Developers Use Slack

    Ebooks · Oct 2019 · Provided By Slack

    t’s a collaboration hub that brings together people, data and applications. And it’s highly adaptive, flexing to suit the structures and working styles of all kinds of teams. As a company with engineering teams of our own looking to realize the full value of Slack in everything they do, we...

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  • Why Engineering Teams Love Slack

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Slack

    Slack is used in pretty much every department and discipline, but software engineering is where it all started, and is still the source of a lot of the user love that keeps us coming to work smiling. Slack is used by all kinds of non-technical teams, every day. It seems...

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  • 5 Considerations for Choosing a Collaboration Platform

    White Papers · Dec 2017 · Provided By Box

    Working together shouldn't be hard. Here's how to keep it simple. We'll let you in on a secret: in a sea of collaboration tools, you really only need one to get work done. But choosing the right one is key. After all, collaboration is essential to the way you...

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  • Setting up Remote Employees for Success

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By LG

    As employers establish and support a remote workforce, trust LG to provide high-performance business laptops, secure cloud endpoints, innovative display technology and video conferencing solutions to enable highly productive remote work and enhance remote and in-office collaboration. Download now and learn how the new normal can bring new success.

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  • The MSP COVID-19 Playbook: Chapter 1: Enabling & Optimising A Remote Workforce

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By ConnectWise

    As the COVID-19 pandemic forced your business and almost all your customers to go remote, enabling and optimising a remote workforce is key to ensuring everyone can continue to work. Enabling a remote workforce has become the unexpected hero as many businesses and MSPs shift to working from home. Discover...

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