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  • Help your team reduce distractions and boost productivity

    Resource Center · Sep 2019 · Provided By Poly

    Perils of the Open Office Loud talker. Barking office dogs. Mike from Marketing who wont shut up. If you're working in an open-plan office, these perils are just the beginning. In fact, in a recent survey, open-office workers said that the ability to focus without interruptions ranks #1 on...

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  • Build Team Engagement with Interactive Whiteboards

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Intel

    New workplace technology can help facilitate interaction and engagement, and enable the ideation process. A combination of an advanced display, Intel Unite® software, expansion options, and cloud capabilities enables a strongly interactive and involving collaborative or learning experience.Intel Unite expands the interactive possibilities through screen sharing on laptops, notebooks, tablets,...

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  • IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights Product Tour

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By IBM

    Explore the power of Watson AI to overcome the most significant challenge that supply chain professionals have today - a lack of visibility across their supply chain operations. With Watson's Operations Center, you will see real-time alerts about external events on your personalized dashboard. In the Resolution Room, Watson...

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  • 8x8 X Series: Making the contact center more collaborative.

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By 8x8, Inc.

    Reliable and clear communications have never been more critical than in today’s business environment. With so many options, customers can afford to be selective about the companies they choose. Communication drives the customer experience — and collaboration drives communication. Employees must be able to work effectively together, and with...

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  • Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Box

    Content collaboration platforms can transform how individuals and teams work. Inside or outside organizations, they add structure and insight when collaboration involves unstructured data. This Magic Quadrant profiles 14 vendors to help you find the right CCP for digital workplace scenarios. By 2022, 50% of midsize and large organizations in...

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  • Collaboration Platform to Power a Digital Workplace

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Box

    The way organizations conduct business in the digital age necessitates collaboration. Trends such as distributed teams, virtual work forces, around-the-clock and around-the-world commerce, pervasive mobility and rapidly changing regulatory requirements are just some of the factors driving dramatic changes in the way work gets done. Given today’s rapidly shifting competitive...

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  • Get Ready for the Convergence of Employee Performance and Engagement

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Glint

    Performance management and employee engagement as we know them are changing. Integrated processes are starting to become the norm because of their ability to offer a more cohesive experience for employees and managers, and drive business impact. As technologies and processes evolve, they are incorporating a focus on understanding, coaching,...

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  • Seven Habits That Are Stalling Your Employee Engagement Program And How To Fix Them

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Glint

    Employees today want more than a steady, well-paid job at a promising company. In this competitive job market, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, retain, and motivate top talent. Yet, they continue to rely on outdated employee engagement strategies that no longer work. As pressures increase from an...

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  • The State of Employee Engagement in 2018

    White Papers · May 2019 · Provided By Glint

    The definition, practice, and measurement of employee engagement has been expanding and maturing for over 25 years. But where exactly do employee engagement practices stand today? In the latest research from HR.com, we aimed to answer that question. Download this report, The State of Employee Engagement in 2018, to learn:...

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  • How to choose the best collaboration platform

    Ebooks · May 2019 · Provided By Box

    Digital transformation is posing unprecedented challenges to businesses today. One of those challenges is connecting and enabling a diverse, extended and mobile workforce. This means that organizations are making big bets on collaboration tools to work better across the extended enterprise. The only problem? There are so many services...

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