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  • IBM Maximo Mobile Demo

    Presentations · Apr 2021 · Provided By IBM

    IBM Maximo Mobile, as part of the Maximo Application Suite, is a next-generation native mobile application platform that integrates capabilities directly from IBM Maximo’s Asset Management solutions, providing a single-vendor product for improving productivity in the field. It's an easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data...

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  • Boost Your Remote Productivity

    White Papers · Mar 2021 · Provided By HPE and AMD

    The current health crisis has resulted in a global slowdown, affecting small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) more acutely. Many SMBs have embraced remote work and virtual collaboration to weather the storm. But supporting remote work can present unforeseen challenges. You need to be sure you can provide the reliability...

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  • Active Backup for Business Administrator's Guide

    White Papers · Nov 2020 · Provided By Synology

    Active Backup for Business is an all-in-one business data protection solution, that centralises protection over a diverse range of IT environments that consist of virtualized environments, physical servers, file servers, and personal computers based on the award-winning DSM operating system. Read more to learn how you can carry out...

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  • Analysis-Ready Data at Your Fingertips

    Videos · Oct 2020 · Provided By Talend

    Understanding your business doesn’t need to be this hard.  Data analysts should be spending most of their time generating insights, not struggling to get the data points they need. Watch “Analysis-Ready Data at Your Fingertips” to learn how Stitch can dramatically increase your analytics team productivity with a fully-managed data pipeline. This brief session...

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  • Text Analytics for Executives

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By BCS Technology

    Text is the largest human-generated data source. It grows dramatically every day as we update on social media, send emails, and conduct business online using computers and mobile devices. As we transmit and store all this information on our various devices, our human experiences, perspectives, and knowledge are increasingly captured...

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  • SAS and Its Many Uses

    Ebooks · Oct 2020 · Provided By Selerity

    If CPG companies are to be more agile, they must take a more data-driven approach to growth management, which means selling the right product to the right person at the right time, with the intention of increasing sales and revenue. Past methods of revenue management involved data practices that were...

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  • Survey Reveals the Importance of Technology to Spark Motivation, Enhance Productivity and Strengthen Security

    White Papers · Sep 2020 · Provided By Dell Technologies and Intel®

    To compete in the digital era, organizations require a skilled and highly productive workforce, empowered by the right technology. To shed light on today’s digital-era workforce and its needs, Dell commissioned a study that is the subject of this report. The survey probes the requirements of users, patterns of...

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  • Endpoint Data Protection: A buyer's Checklist

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By Commvault

    ENDPOINT DATA. It is often one of the most forgotten aspects of an enterprise data protection strategy. Yet, content on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices is among a company's most valuable data while it is potentially at the highest risk. To secure your organization's roaming data assets on endpoint systems,...

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  • Secure Your Data, Your Recovery and Your Mission

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By Commvault

    The cyber threat landscape including ransomware has transitioned to a case of when, not if. In order to ensure you can recover your data and not pay the ransom, you need to trust that your data protection vendor shares your level of vigilance. The right solution requires the best technology,...

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  • Microsoft Trusts Commvault. Shouldn’t You?

    White Papers · Aug 2020 · Provided By Commvault

    Commvault works closely with Microsoft® to deliver the complete data management and migration solution for today’s enterprise and SMB companies. With deep integrations, and a single platform for end-to-end data management and data protection, Commvault is built and optimized for Microsoft solutions to provide data management that’s easily accessible regardless...

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