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  • Case Study: Lotte Card

    White Papers · Jul 2018 · Provided By Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

    HandPay Service using Fujitsu palm vein authentication enables cashless, card-less shopping. Learn how Lotte Card adopted the Fujitsu palm vein authentication solution which allows users who registered their biometric information to make secure payments at stores simply by holding their hand over an authentication device.

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  • Fujitsu Identity Management

    White Papers · Jul 2018 · Provided By Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

    Fujitsu developed PalmSecure - a biometric authentication technology based on palm veins. This identification technology uses the complex palm vein patterns beneath the skin, which is unique to each individual, and works only when there is active blood flow, making it almost impossible for identity thieves to replicate or...

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  • FIDO (Fast IDentity Online)

    White Papers · Jul 2018 · Provided By Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

    FIDO: A new authentication method that resolves the vulnerabilities and convenience problem of password-based online authentication by using biometric authentication. Find out how Fujitsu's online biometric authentication service based on FIDO, the next-generation online authentication standards, provides everything necessary to install FIDO in a single package, from integration to servers...

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  • Case Study: Mizuho Bank

    White Papers · Jul 2018 · Provided By Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd

    FIDO (Fast Identity Online) is a new International standard for swift online authentication that replaces passwords. It is expected to become the de facto standard for online authentication. Find out how FIDO biometric authentication in banking application realizes twin benefits of higher security and better customer experience.

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  • Earn money participating in global surveys with YouGov today!

    Videos · Jun 2018 · Provided By YouGov plc

    YouGov is a global market research company, engaging people from all across the world. Our Data and insight reaches every continent, coming from thousands of anonymous panellists from all over the globe, and covers topics from Politics and current affairs to products, services, social issues, and relationships Learn how...

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  • Special report: Data, AI, IoT: The future of retail (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Jun 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Retail shopping has entered the era of digital transformation, forcing traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to adapt to new e-commerce and mobile-commerce models to stay competitive. This ebook, based on the most recent ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, looks at the latest tech-driven trends in the retail industry and explores what lies ahead....

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  • Canon Business Readiness Index 2018 Innovation Edition

    White Papers · Jun 2018 · Provided By Canon

    The Canon Business Readiness Index on Innovation is a comprehensive study that examines how well Australian businesses are equipped to keep up with the rapidly changing business marketplace. The study, conducted by GfK Australia in April 2018 surveying over 530 senior executives, revealed Australian businesses see innovation as a critical...

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  • PC as a Service - The Smart Way of IT Provisioning

    White Papers · Jun 2018 · Provided By Dell

    Performing PC's are critical to businesses' productivity and competitiveness, but hardware refresh is often extended well beyond its due date as IT department's resources are stretched or diverted to more urgent business critical projects. PC as a service (PCaaS) has recently emerged as a new model for IT procurement, and...

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  • Help make a change as part of a large global community with YouGov

    White Papers · Jun 2018 · Provided By YouGov plc

    Our mission is to supply a live stream of continuous and accurate data and insight into what people are thinking and doing all over the world. As a member of the YouGov panel, you will be part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for...

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  • Special report: How blockchain will disrupt business (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Jun 2018 · Provided By TechRepublic

    This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet and TechRepublic special feature, looks at how blockchain is shaking up the economy, redefining industry, and changing the way individuals and enterprises conduct business. From the ebook: The term blockchain can elicit reactions ranging from a blank stare (from...

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