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  • 451 Research Report: Industrial IoT and the IT/OT Operational Edge

    Analyst Briefings · May 2020 · Provided By Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    "The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents the convergence of manufacturing and industrial processes, often called operational technology (OT), with the highly interconnected digitally transformed enterprise, powered by information technology (IT). It offers opportunities for long-established industrial enterprises to optimize for greater efficiency, find new revenue streams and gain competitive...

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  • Scaling IoT for water networks

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Telstra

    Digitisation is transforming all sectors of the Australian economy. To guarantee a more secure and sustainable water future, the water sector is embracing digital solutions to develop new capabilities. This will help benefit a substantial amount of areas, particularly customer experience, operational efficiency, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. Learn...

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  • IoT: Major threats and security tips for devices (free PDF)

    Ebooks · May 2020 · Provided By TechRepublic

    Internet of Things (IoT) devices are everywhere now, and some estimates say there will be 41.6 billion IoT devices in the field by 2025, with over $1 trillion spent on them by 2023. This will have drastic implications on security as IoT devices are widely known for being woefully insecure...

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  • Choosing The Right Ethernet Switch

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Aruba Networks

    The rapid growth of mobility, personal devices and cloud-centric applications today are driving the demand for bandwidth to an all-time high. New faster wireless standards are now giving us access points capable of gigabit+ speeds – enabling user and IoT devices to transmit and receive more data than ever. But...

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  • Digital Workflows Take Machine and Worker Safety to a New Level

    White Papers · Apr 2020 · Provided By ServiceNow

    One of the areas the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing is safety. Thanks to the rise of smart, connected devices, manufacturers have unprecedented levels of visibility into the operating conditions of machines, the wellbeing of workers and the state of their plants. From wearable devices that capture a worker’s...

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  • The Forrester Wave: Global IoT ServicesFor Connected Business Operations

    White Papers · Dec 2019 · Provided By IBM

    As enterprises move beyond proofs of concept (PoCs) into large scale Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, service providers are helping enterprises identify, design, implement, and run IoT-enabled business operations processes, and also expand IoT's contribution to business value. In Forrester's 27-criterion evaluation of global internet-of-things (IoT) services for connected...

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  • The Autonomous Grid in the Age of the Artificial Intelligence of Things

    White Papers · Nov 2019 · Provided By SAS

    Did you know that 69% of utilities agree IoT is critical to the company’s success, and 57% are already using IoT technology? Surprisingly, while most use cases for machine learning are around network and grid control, while the real benefits are more customer focused. Read more about: How utilities...

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  • Microservices Fix IoT Software Problems

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Intel

    As IoT systems grow ever more complex, developers are turning to microservices to architectures that make rolling out and updating IoT software faster, easier, and more secure. A microservice architecture is a loosely coupled framework that uses virtualization to separate system software components into “containers.” The structure of container-based microservice...

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  • Bring Deterministic Data Centers to Edge Computing

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Intel

    The advantages of edge computing for industrial IoT (IIoT) systems have become impossible to ignore. Adding intelligence near the sensors and actuators reduces communications bandwidth, latency, and security concerns, among other benefits. But true edge computing means more than just increasing MIPS on embedded devices. It requires end-to-end solutions capable...

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  • Machine Vision Needs to Be Easier

    White Papers · Oct 2019 · Provided By Intel

    Before a manufacturer can adopt Industry 4.0 principles, they must level up their worker’s skills. This is no small challenge. A 2018 Deloitte report showed that only 47% of organizations believe they are doing enough to create a workforce for Industry 4.0. The same report shows that organizations want to...

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