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  • CBTS Provides IT Experts to Retail Business - Improves speed to market of innovations

    White Papers // Dec 2018 // provided by CBTS

    CBTS provided two teams of IT experts, including a SCRUM Master, Product Owners, Lead Technical Developers, Senior Developers and Software Development Test Engineers (SDET) to a retail client to assist their digital personalization IT organization and improve their speed to market with new products, services, and offers before their competition.

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  • Ask the Experts: How do AI and Blockchain Power a Smarter Supply Chain?

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by IBM

    Join industry thought leaders and academics for a timely conversation on the business impact of disruptive new technologies that are gaining traction in supply chain management, including real-world applications of AI and blockchain. Learn what supply chain leaders can do today to drive their organizations to be disruptors vs. being...

  • Transform and Optimize Your Business Network with Artificial Intelligence

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by IBM

    Some technologies cause ripples, others cause waves of transformation and disruption. Today, we're seeing a new wave of highly transformative and potentially disruptive technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the Internet of Things. Of these, technology leaders and analysts point to AI as perhaps the most transformative of our...

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  • Move Faster with Simplified Agreements

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by DocuSign

    Paper-based signatures are out of synch with the modern world where customers want the convenience, speed and added security that comes with transacting digitally. Modernising your agreement processes with electronic signature capabilities can immediately accelerate business and give your customers the convenience they deserve.

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  • The PC Lifecycle Continuum: From Control to Transformation

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Dell & Intel

    Today, IT leaders address the PC lifecycle across a continuum from control to transformation. Control is geared to optimization, while transformation focuses on the business impact of technology. Though the two approaches differ, they are not in opposition. They strive for the same goals and face similar challenges. As...

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  • Creating a Public Safety Ecosystem

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Fujitsu America, Inc.

    Crime overall is decreasing, but chaotic events such as extreme weather, domestic terrorist attacks, gun violence, and opioid-related emergencies are increasing, requiring highly coordinated response protocols. From raucous inner cities to sleepy suburbs, the scope and nature of these threats demand a new way of thinking and acting– a new,...

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  • Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Adobe Systems

    We’ve been named as a Leader in Gartner’s July 2018 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) for the eighth year in a row. With Adobe Experience Manager, you can quickly create personalized experiences that deliver across every channel and to the context of their journey. With Adobe you...

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  • Whitepaper: Hybrid IT is the New Normal for IT Infrastructure

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by IBM

    In this report, we'll analyze the many challenges that organizations face when it comes to building and managing modern IT infrastructure. We'll also look at how some businesses are taking advantage of a hybrid cloud and on-premise approach, which comes with significant benefits.

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  • Tech Pro Research: IT Budget Research Report 2019

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by TechRepublic.com

    IT Spending increases due to business conditions, security, and revenue opportunities. IT budgets continue their pattern of more aggressive spending in 2019. A favorable business climate is one reason. A growing recognition of technology’s ability to transform businesses for revenue opportunities and cost savings is another. In 2019,...

  • Anniversary Cutdown

    Videos // Oct 2018 // provided by DellEMC & Intel®️

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of desktop innovation. During that time, the world’s most secure commercial PCs have continuously redefined “less is more” with revolutionary form factors that deliver increased elbowroom while providing reliable, intelligent performance and flexibility that allow users to truly work the way they want.

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