70% of organizations fail to discover all privileged accounts—40% don’t even try. Get PAM protected with a free Secret Server Trial!

Your privileged accounts are hackers favorite target. Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts, and more, are the preferred targets for hackers these days and are often left undiscovered on your network. Why? Because they give them the “keys to the kingdom” allowing them to gain access to your most sensitive and critical information.

If you haven’t got a privileged account management (PAM) security solution in place, attackers can take your credentials and start acting like a trusted user.

Here’s why Secret Server is your secret weapon to secure them:

  • Discover & Store Privileged Accounts
  • Easily detect privileged accounts and store passwords in our secure vault.
  • Manage & Audit Privileged Accounts
  • Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
  • Monitor & Control Privileged Accounts
  • Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse.

Start your free 30-day Secret Server Trial today.

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